LiveWeb eCommerce MLM/Affiliate Management System™ includes all of the features of our LiveWeb eBusiness™ & LiveWeb eCommerce™ solutions, plus affiliate marketing tracking, automation and management. One of the most effective Internet marketing tools, affiliate program marketing is a referral-based marketing strategy (often referred to as "Revenue Sharing"), where you increase your website's traffic and sales, by paying other website owners a commission after one of their visitors is referred to your website and makes a purchase. There is no charge to become an affiliate, no inventory and no customer support, shipping or maintenance required on the part of affiliates. Affiliates simply receive a commission for all the valid transactions that they refer to the merchant. This can take place on a pay per click, pay per lead, pay per sale or other basis. Brand affinity groups or individual affiliate stores with unique logos, track orders and commissions for affinity groups or via affiliate links, and provide affiliates with up-to-the-minute, online status reports of click-throughs and orders. The system supports multiple tiers of channels (e.g., distributors and dealers) which allows top level affiliates (distributors) to recruit their own dealers automatically using the Dealer Self-Enrollment form. The Affiliate Profile Form allows affiliates to change their interface, product filters, featured product category, content, pricing, etc. Distributors can set options for their dealers to allow or disallow interface changes, price changes and content changes. They can also set the commission split for dealers. The system can also be used to provide syndicated content. Customization and custom programming is available. 
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eBusiness Tools - includes all of the features of LiveWeb eBusiness ... user login and authentication, user database and management tools, cookie management, feedback/workflow management and activity tracking system ... all the power you need to track, manage and drive your business on the web.
Full-featured eCommerce Website - includes all of the features of LiveWeb eCommerce ... online store, product catalog (including a products browser, products profiler & product management tools), online shopping cart, order wizard, order processing, dynamic database connections, order management system, shipping solution, automatic credit card processing, customer support tools and more ... a full-featured eCommerce website ready for your logo and menu adjustments—just add your content and products!
Affiliate Commission Tracking - full commission tracking reports by date for payments
Visitor / Order Tracking - real time link and order tracking for your affiliates, special report for distributors to view dealer statistics
Automatic Customer/Affiliate Recognition - automatically remembers customers and their original channel of entry upon return visits, using cookie technology, and restores affiliate informationensuring proper credit to the affiliate for sales
Fully Customizable - by Imagine IT, an Imagine IT VAR or anyone skilled in using HTML and Microsoft ASP technology
Optional Accounting Module - option available for full-featured accounting system with automatic accounting functions (e.g., check writing, invoicing, purchase orders, etc.)
Export Feature - easy integration with other accounting systems using the customer, order and product export features
Turnkey Solution - available as a boxed product or turnkey solution (we install & configure and offer content-boost service)
Dynamic Features - affiliate content, pricing options, interface options/images and product category filters are all handled dynamically - no need for affiliates to change their HTML code (i.e., affiliate can change interface, images and content on various pages). In addition, affiliates can affect price changes and product category filters—at the discretion of the site operators.
Affiliate Preferences - full backoffice control over affiliate settings (e.g., add affiliates, modify existing affiliates, limit the options affiliates have). Since you can offer an unlimited number of top level affiliate programs, you can set different limitations, options and interface defaults for different affiliate / affinity groups.
Automatic Affiliate Identification - many options to identify affiliates/affinity groups (e.g., default.asp?LinkCode=2389,, or
Specify entry page or product page per affiliate - affiliate identification can come to any page of the website (e.g., or – to facilitate linking to a product or the shopping cart with automatic affiliate identification
Promotion Tracking - track promotional results easily by simply adding the Code=Promo3 to any link into the system – the activity tracking system does the rest
Dealer Self Enrollment - the Dealer Self Enrollment form provides an easy, automated mechanism for recruiting new affiliates … for the site operator and/or top level affiliates (distributors).
Affiliate Link - Affiliate link is automatically provide for affiliates
Specify Commission Rate - specify the commission rate for affiliates. Top level affiliates can set the commission-split for dealers they recruit.
AutoMessage/Email Marketing System - handles email notifications, confirmations and email marketing campaigns. Together, affiliate program marketing and email marketing can build a powerful online presence.
General Preferences - many options including company information, email addresses, eCommerce Options, AVS Codes, storefront options, shipping, tax, inventory, authorization, charge options, input/output file paths (i.e., specify document paths, image paths, database paths), backoffice behavioral options, etc.
Website Control Center - backoffice menu, controls and server status information visible on every page for backoffice users and webmasters, giving quick access to all backoffice maintenance areas.
PDF Document LiveWeb™ eCommerce MLM Product Information PDF - eCommerce MLM/Affinity Power product details PDF
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The idea of e-commerce has been around for several years now, and depending on whom you talk to, is doing moderately well. E-commerce is still predicted to generate over 2 billion dollars of revenue this year. The latest trend in e-commerce is Multi-Level Marketing e-commerce (MLM). The idea of MLM e-commerce is for a supply chain to set up multiple distribution channels for a product line, allowing affiliates to brand their own site, and earn commissions on each sale. The supply chain handles all order management, fulfillment and customer service while the affiliates handle marketing and sales.

Multi-Level Marketing e-commerce has gained popularity over the last six months as small organizations and personal websites began popping up everywhere. These smaller sites can get their users to purchase items from their stores, and earn commissions, which help pay for the costs of running the site. Imagine IT, a software development and consulting firm specializing in advanced web technology, has been offering MLM e-commerce for over twelve months now, and has several clients up and running. Imagine IT Co-founder, Jared Gerber, stated, "MLM e-commerce is the perfect evolution for e-commerce. We have one particular LiveWEB MLM e-commerce client who already has over 2000 individual distribution channels, and since our system allows the affiliates to have a lot of control over price, product and even their look, it has really taken off. Our software even tract all the commissions and sales down to the penny."

The MLM e-commerce trend allows the suppliers to concentrate on what they do best, supply the product, and handle the customers, while allowing your affiliates to handle the marketing and sales. This is also the one of the fastest ways to spread your client base over the entire globe without spending all your money on advertising.

Affiliate are also getting huge rewards. Jared claims, "I’ve never seen a trend take off so quickly that benefits everybody. I mean, we have churches and other organizations selling magazine subscriptions to their members, which get delivered by the supplier, but also allows the money to flow back into the church or organization."

Imagine IT has recently announced that they are now offering their MLM e-commerce application as a boxed product. For more information on MLM e-commerce you can visit or send an email to with the subject "MLM questions."


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Sell your products through multiple outlets with Live Web's MLM eCommerce solution.  Allow down-stream affiliates to sell your products and make commissions.

The LiveWeb  Channel Report tracks each affiliate's information, such as sales numbers, commissions, traffic and other more.

The Channel Form allows the affiliates to update their information, as well as modify the particulars of their affiliate site.  They may choose to features different products, change their look and feel or modify pricing between your established percentage points.

As the owner of the product line,  you have the ability to add or update the product information through an easy-to-use LiveWeb    back office form.  Once the change is made, it will immediately reflect on each affiliate site.

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