LiveWeb eIntranet™ (Intranet/Extranet Tools) – all of the features of LiveWeb eBusiness™, plus, dynamic management of various types of information including: FAQs, glossaries, documentation/policy manuals, benefits, newsletters/articles, news, press-releases, events, job postings, expense reports, employee services, sales support information, forms. Other features include a corporate directory, user self-enrollment, stocks & options management, personal information forms, meeting scheduler, job applications, information/service requests, company store, purchase requisition, shipping request, etc. Workflow management tools are used to manage & distribute incoming information from employees, vendors, dealers, etc. 
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eBusiness Tools - includes all of the features of LiveWeb eBusiness ... user login and authentication, user database and management tools, cookie management, feedback/workflow management and activity tracking system ... all the power you need to track, manage and drive your business on the web.
FAQ Manager - individual departments can post FAQs to their department/sub-intranet to save time answering basic questions about services they provide to other departments and employees.
Glossaries - every industry has its own language -- allow your employees to become well-versed in your industry's lingo during their lunch break.
Online Policy Manual - employees can browse or search the policy manual by keyword. Designated administrators in the Human Resources Department can maintain the policy manual efficiently and easily in the LiveWeb backoffice.
Online Company Directory -  a central page for all employees to quickly get a phone number or email address -- easily updated by HR/administrative staff using the LiveWeb User Maintenance Report. Administrators can click on the Edit Record button located directly on the company directory page to make quick edits.
Online Publishing / Article Management - each department can maintain their own publications using the Article Manager  (e.g., Corporate Communications can publish press releases, technical articles, etc., Human Resources can publish announcements, Marketing can publish the Employee Newsletter, etc.). A variety of templates and formats are available for displaying articles such as a newsletter format, press release format and summary format.
Online Calendar / Event Manager - publish calendars for employee events, training programs, industry seminars, company holidays, etc.  Individual department can publish and maintain their own calendars.
Online Job Postings - HR can post job openings easily using the job management report and form. Job applications are posted to the feedback/workflow system for efficient processing.
Online Benefits Information/Open Enrollment - employees can review existing benefit options and request changes to their personal benefits plan using feedback forms. Submitted requests are posted to the feedback/workflow system for efficient processing.
Feedback/Workflow Management - handles all incoming information. Service requests, purchase requests, suggestions, benefits changes, address changes ... all flow smoothly and logically into the feedback workflow system. Email notification recipients can be selected by type of feedback. All feedback is organized in the Feedback/Workflow Management Report for efficient processing by administrative employees or designated staff.
Report distribution (by department or division)
Online Forms - departments can post forms in a variety of formats including PDF, MSWord, MSExcel or dynamically) to their department/sub-intranet for employee use. Requests or information submitted using dynamic forms flow into the Feedback/Workflow Management System for efficient processing.
Promote Employee Self Service - allows employees to update personal information, access various forms and applications, participate in surveys, RSVP to upcoming events and perform as much (or as little) personal maintenance tasks on their own, taking the load off your Human Resources staff.
Website Control Center - backoffice/admin menu, controls and server status information visible on every page for backoffice users and webmasters, giving quick access to all dynamic maintenance areas.
Preferences - many options including company information, email addresses, input/output file paths (i.e., specify document paths, image paths, database paths), backoffice behavioral options, etc.
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Client Profile:

Southern California technology giant, UNOVA, Inc., selected Imagine IT to help develop its corporate Intranet. Corporate Intranets are private websites, accessible only by employees of the company. Imagine IT designed and developed an intricate, yet easy-to- navigate user interface to give employees access to myriad UNOVA corporate resources and reference information. Each department within the company has its own web pages on the company Intranet. UNOVA employees can view and retrieve extensive information from any of these departments, search the company directory online and much more. Following is a sampling of content and information available on the site: UNOVA stock price and information, employee stock purchase plan and investment activities, office services information (including a meeting scheduler, purchase requisitions and order status, corporate travel arrangements, transport and delivery services, etc.), standards of conduct, business ethics, policy manual, job postings, benefits information, employee services and sign-up forms, upcoming events, including a "live" web calendar, new hire forms, frequently asked questions and answers and more. UNOVA has a "LiveWeb" BackOffice that allows the company to designate levels of access for users, departments and locations which facilitates decentralized site maintenance— allowing designated staff to schedule events, publish news articles, change and control dynamic content and processes, update a scrolling message marquee, edit current job postings, implement workflow tools, monitor forms status and much more—without having to call the webmaster for assistance.

Any company of any size can benefit from having their own Intranet. Imagine IT will work closely with you to define your intranet needs and goals, create a structure that fits your company's operations, identify and develop usable content and give you the degree of BackOffice flexibility you need to effectively maintain your intranet site. Let us help you figure it out today so that you can help your employees be ready for tomorrow!

Technology Profile Technology Profile:

Savvy employers understand that the key to effective communications is keeping your employees informed about why you are in business, how you expect them to conduct your business, and what they can expect from you as an employer. If you already are marketing to the public on the Internet, you should take a serious look at marketing your internal operations and administration to your employees through a secure company Intranet site. The major advantages of having a centralized, private Intranet website accessible only by employees is a standardized, uniform information resource, broadcast distribution of information — instantaneously, information shared by everyone at all sites, and single-point information management, maintenance and updates. Other major advantages of having your own company Intranet include automating internal processes and eliminating costs associated with expensive print-based forms, policy and procedure manuals, etc.


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Our corporate Intranets provide your employees with all the company information available, from Human Resources forms to Stock Option Plans.  Publish all types of information, like your Company Directory, current stock value, Press Releases and more.

Allow each department to have their own sub-section to publish news, events or even changes in department policies.

Information is controlled by our  easy-to-use BackOffice Live Web forms.  Fill out the necessary fields, hit "Submit" and the information is published live, instantly.


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