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By Jared Gerber

Imagine IT, a software development and consulting firm, has designed a successful solution for one of its clients, Flying Basset Organics.

An elegant design has been incorporated into the website to attract the customers in the client's target market, with Flash being embedded into the homepage to add visual appeal. The firm has also created an easy-to-navigate product catalog for the client's online store, making it user-friendly for customers. represents a great example of how Imagine IT works closely with its clients to understand their custom requirements to provide a custom solution with a highly refined shopping & ordering experience," says Jared Gerber, Senior Consultant of Imagine IT.

Imagine IT has provided the Flying Basset Organics with a secure custom order process and advanced backoffice automation for handling customer support and order fulfillment. They have also included an FAQ section catered to customers who want to know more about the benefits of organic pet products. Imagine IT has given a web solution that is dedicated to the satisfaction of both the client and his customers alike.

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Imagine IT is a software development and consulting firm specializing in advanced web solutions. Their goal is to assist clients in the design, development and implementation of technology solutions that deliver products, services, information and training in less time and at dramatically lower costs relative to traditional methods.

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Jared Gerber, Senior Consultant
Imagine IT
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